The Bachelor 2012 UK final: Who won? Khloe Evans!

Khloe Evans

Khloe Evans has won the second series of The Bachelor UK tonight, after Spencer Matthews chose her in the final this evening.

Making the decision, Spencer said: "My life is going to change depending on the girl that I pick. I need to make sure I make the right decision.

"Khloe is a big character, and I wanted that and everything who comes with that type of fiery woman.

"But on the flipside Tabby is a bit more slow burning but has the potential for a much longer lasting relationship."

He added: "I've made the decision based on who I like the most and who I miss the most. It's about being comfortable. My heart is thumbing through my chest."

Speaking to the girls one by one, Spencer first approached Tabby: "You're one of the most beautiful people I've ever met, we've had the most amazing times. When I first met you my heart skipped a beat. You make me feel so nervous, you make me feel like a teenager.

"You've always told me to follow my heart and I'm so, so sorry but I have strong feelings for someone else. I'm so, so sorry."

Tabby replied: "I'm a little bit heartbroken, I'm not going to lie."

She added: "You're not the guy I thought you were if you're going to pick her anyway."

It was then Khloe's turn to hear the result, unaware of what Spencer had said to Tabby.

"You look amazing as always," Spencer said. "You make me feel so special and have done throughout all of this.

"Khloe, what do you say we take all the good parts of everything we've shared... Khloe, will you accept this rose?"

Khloe reacted: "I can't believe I've been through all of this and I've finally got you! I care about you so much."

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