Who won The Bachelor 2012? Khloe Evans and Tabby Richards are keeping tight lipped!

Khloe Evans

It's the final of The Bachelor 2012 UK tomorrow, but Khloe Evans and Tabby Richards are keeping tight lipped over the result.

The pair will be seen battling it out on Channel 5 as Spencer Matthews chooses one of them as his partner.

However the series finished filming months ago, with the winner already having been decided.

It's meant that the girls - and Spencer - have had to keep up an act to avoid spoiling the result.

Khloe revealed she had found the hunky Made In Chelsea star "comfortable and calm" to be around.

"I think he judged me at first because of how I look, but having that first chat with him made him realise what I am about,” she said. “Spencer makes you feel so comfortable and calm, he always puts your mind at ease. He is definitely the sort of guy that I would want a relationship with.”

Meanwhile Tabby confessed that being the favourite had put pressure on her.

“Having this tag hanging over me from the beginning has been tough and has put extra pressure on me," she said. "But there is a mutual attraction between Spencer and me and there is definite chemistry between us.

“He is not the normal type of guy I would go for, but he is down to earth and relaxed and he made me feel at ease right away.”

The Bachelor UK final airs on Friday night on Channel 5.

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