The Bachelor 2012 UK: Khloe Evans and Tabby Richards in the final

Khloe Evans

Khloe Evans and Tabby Richards will fight it out in The Bachelor 2012 UK final, it has been revealed.

In tonight's latest show, hunky Spencer Matthews made the final decision on the two girls he wanted to take through to the final show next Friday night.

Tabby Richards, Chloe Levitt-Collins and Khloe Evans will took part in this evening's penultimate rose ceremony.

Tabby was the first to receive a rose, leaving both Chloe and Khloe to fight it out for the last spot.

"This really has been a difficult decision, the hardest one definitely," Spencer said.

The final rose went to Khloe Evans, leaving Chloe LC to go home.

Spencer will choose one of Khloe or Tabby in next week's final Bachelor.

The Bachelor airs on Channel 5 on Friday nights.

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