Profile: The Apprentice 2012 finalist - Jade Nash

Jade Nash (The Apprentice 2012)

Four candidates remain in the chase for The Apprentice 2012 prize of a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar, and High-flyer Jade Nash is the last woman standing.

A Development Manager from Bedfordshire, she has been on the losing team more than any other finalist. Yet she has impressed from the start with her straightforward nature, enthusiasm and creativity.

Although she disappointed as Project Manager in Week 7 when she lost the task due to a lack of strategy, leaving Lord Sugar concerned about her indecisiveness, she redeemed herself with a win as Project Manager in Week 10, where she negotiated a great deal for her team.

Jade says: “My infectious enthusiasm, strength of character and creative zest for life makes me the kind of business partner Lord Sugar would not only want to work with, but enjoy making money with. Simply direct, hard working and honest.”

Appearances as Project Manager: 2
Appearances on Losing Team: 6
Appearances in Boardroom: 3

Best Quote: “Azhar is doing my head in. He just goes on about strategy.” (Episode 7)

Best fight: Clashing with Azhar about the team’s “strategy.” (Episode 7); Getting annoyed at Adam’s input to the Exercise video (Episode 5)

Worst moments: Struggling to use a calculator in a meeting with chef Marcus Waering (Episode 10); Losing the ‘Flip It’ task due to the lack of strategy (Episode 7); Being on the losing team six times

Best moments:
Sketching the design for the girls’ product on their first task (Episode 1); Winning the online daily deals task as Project Manager (Episode 10); Karren saying that she was responsible for “the good parts of the task” on the luxury product range task (Episode 11);

Worst Boardroom moment:
Panicking and bringing Tom back into the boardroom (Episode 7); Lord Sugar saying he was concerned about her “indecisiveness” (Episode 8)

The Apprentice 2012 final airs on Sunday, June 3 at 8:30PM on BBC One.