The Apprentice 2012: Adam Corbally hits out at Jade Nash, Nick Holzherr

Adam Corbally

Fired Apprentice 2012 candidate Adam Corbally has hit out at Jade Nash and Nick Holzherr, saying Lord Sugar should've fired them both instead of him!

Adam got the axe last night in the last task before the final after the teams were told to come up with new luxury product lines.

“If I’m being honest I would have sacked both Jade and Nick," Adam moaned today after his exit. “Their attitude stank and in that last task they acted like spoiled brats. They were arsey and hard to work with. I’d never pick either to work with.

“It was clear that they were trying to cover their backs all the time rather than get the job done.

“I found them very negative and if I could have I would have sacked both of them and done the task on my own.”

And Adam suggested that Jade would fall apart in this weekend's final, when the finalists face tough interviews.

He told the Daily Star today: “I think there are much more worthy ­female candidates that should have been in the ­final than Jade. She has shown no business sense and frankly her numbers don’t stack up.

“I think she’ll struggle in the interviews.”