The Apprentice 2012 preview: Azhar Siddique, Jade Nash clash in latest task (VIDEO)

Azhar Siddique (The Apprentice 2012)

This week the remaining Apprentice 2012 candidates have to flip products. Starting with £150 from Lord Sugar they must buy, sell and reinvest.

Lord Sugar sends the remaining contestants to Essex for the latest task, where they must make as much profit as possible by choosing products carefully.

They should reinvest their profits in those products that sell and dump those that don't.

Products are purchased and hopes for big profits are pinned on a collection of mops, MP3 players, fake tan and false eyelashes.

But [tag]Azhar Siddique[/tag]'s selling strategy on team Phoenix is not one that impresses [tag]Jade[/tag], as this preview clip shows...