The Apprentice 2012: Candidates sell food on the streets of Scotland


Lord Sugar sends The Apprentice 2012 candidates on a journey this weekend, but unfortunately for them it’s not the kind of cliche experienced by X Factor winners of the past.

Instead, this week the remaining contestants will be spending a few days in Scotland in a bid to shift street food.

“There’s been a bit of a revolution as far as street food is concerned, and what it is is high quality food being served on a mobile unit, half way between good quality takeaway and the high class restaurant,” explains [tag]Lord Sugar[/tag].

He goes on: “So your next task is all about setting up a mobile restaurant, but I’m not going to set it up for you in London. I’m going to send you up to the culinary capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, where this type of business is still in its infancy. This is quality food; I don’t want any junk served up here.”

After reminding them that the team that makes the most amount of money will win, and in the losing team one candidate will be fired, he appoints [tag]Adam Corbally[/tag] as Project Manager on Phoenix and [tag]Jenna Whittingham[/tag] to lead Sterling.

Both teams have two days to create and sell a signature dish on the streets of Edinburgh. Which team will be tasting success and who will fail to sell their gourmet grub?

Jenna and Adam opt for very different strategies on the task, with Adam wanting to keep costs low and maixmise profits.

Meeting with an award winning Italian chef to help cook up their dish, Adam is keen to cut costs on ingredients wherever possible, saying, “it’s just about profit isn’t it, it’s not about taste.” Overseeing proceedings, Nick Hewer is less than impressed with Adam’s plan, observing, “the thought process that is running through Adam’s mind is cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap”.

After revealing the low cost prices to make each portion to his amazed team, Adam explains the idea behind his strategy, “we went down the road to make it as cheap as possible, meaning a massive profit margin. If we can sell these at £5.99, and make £5.50 a portion, we’ll smash this to pieces.”

Jenna’s team on the other hand decides to target tourists with gourmet Scottish themed street food. Visiting a Michelin starred Scottish restaurant, the chef convinces Jenna that it’s essential to use the best quality ingredients, which means high costs to make each meal. After she has fed this back to the rest of the team, a shocked Gabrielle reacts, “That’s a lot! Let’s be honest, you don’t get meals in actual restaurants that cost that much to make.”

After seeking advice from an Edinburgh city centre hotel, the team opts to locate their street food stall in Parliament Square, a popular tourist spot. However, after a lack of footfall, the team starts to worry about their low sales. Observing them, Karren Brady comments, “Jenna’s beginning to panic. They’ve had a real lack of footfall. They’ve got a good product, they have good quality expensive ingredients, and they really need to sell it all to get home on a good profit.”

Jenna expresses her concerns to Laura and Ricky, imploring them to bring in more customers, leading Laura to suspect sabotage, “I just feel Jenna’s already trying to point the finger in our direction, getting her excuses in early.”

Both teams have made mistakes but which team will get off scot-free in the boardroom? Tune in to find out who will be next to hear Lord Sugar’s immortal words: You’re Fired!

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