Fired Apprentice 2012 candidate Duane Bryan reckons he was 'too nice'

Duane Bryan (The Apprentice 2012)

Fired Apprentice 2012 candidate Duane Bryan has suggested he was axed from the show for being 'too nice'.

Duane was fired by Lord Sugar on last night's show after the two teams were asked to come up with a new fitness trend, and pitch it to gyms.

Lord Sugar pinned the blame on Duane for the failure of the task, suggesting he got carried away when making the promotional DVD.

Speaking after his exit this morning, Duane said:: "I realise now that being in the boardroom is not about being honourable and talking about what's right.

"It's about defending yourself and trying to survive another week."

He added: "Maybe I'm too much of a nice guy."

On last night's show Duane was seen clashing with [cat]Laura Hogg[/tag], who he said was a "nightmare" to work with on the task.

"It was a nightmare because she didn't want to be told. She had her own way, she had her own idea and she wanted to do it the way she wanted," he explained. "And when you didn't go with what she was suggesting she would have a face on her, she would demotivate the other guys. It was quite difficult to work with Laura."

But despite the moaning, Duane insisted: "Even though I've been fired I'm happy.

"I believe that even if I would have won, that's very much the beginning so I'm in the same place.

"I've got a lot to achieve over the next year and I'd like to set up and compete against Lord Sugar and his new apprentice and do better than them next year, just to prove to myself that I did go too early."

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