The Apprentice 2012 results: Who was fired? Duane Bryan gets the axe!

Duane Bryan (The Apprentice 2012)

Duane Bryan has become the latest candidate to get the boot from The Apprentice 2012 by Lord Sugar.

In tonight's task, the teams had to create and pitch a new fitness workout routine to chains of health clubs.

Stephen led Phoenix, who created a 80s-inspired Groove Train experience, while Ricky led Sterling to come up with Beat Battle, a street dance workout mixed with martial arts.

In the boardroom, the results saw Phoenix come out on top.

Sterling was offered a one off fee of £5,000 to develop the product by Fitness First. Pure Gym offered to buy the license for £45 a month on a three month trial in all 22 clubs so sales of £2,970. Virgin Active offered them £0so total sales of£7,970.

Phoenix was offered £0 by Fitness First and £0 by Pure Gym. Virgin Active, who didn’t like the concept for the proposed target market but did for the family market, offered to buy the license for £17.50 a month for a six month trial across 122 clubs so total sales of £12,810.

As Phoenix enjoyed a relaxing spa day, Lord Sugar turned his attention to the losing team, criticising Sterling for not being innovative enough with their product.

"It looks pretty samey to things that are on the market," he told the candidates.

Ricky defended the routine by stating that all of the sequences had martial arts elements to them and said that the dilution occurred in the promotional video.

Lord Sugar agreed that the negative comments in the feedback centred on the video and Ricky confirmed that he felt the videoing and editing is to blame for their failure on the task, but took responsibility himself for the high pricing on the licenses.

Ricky decided to bring Duane and Laura back to the boardroom with him, due to the downfall of the video and dilution of the combat, respectively.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar highlighted that Ricky has brought back the two people that contributed the most. Ricky explained that he brought Laura back because she was more focused on the dance than the combat but Laura was adamant that she did every single sequence that she was asked to do. Duane jumped to her defence, “this is risky, but Laura shouldn’t be here. She came and delivered, she contributed.”

Lord Sugar asked Duane who was to blame if it’s not Laura and he identified Ricky, “You’re trying to avoid all responsibility Ricky, and you’re trying to pass the buck.” He tells Lord Sugar that he felt Ricky had hidden away over the past weeks, which Lord Sugar questioned. An annoyed Ricky hit back: “what I feel Duane is you’re doing what you always do. You get emotionally involved.”

After Lord Sugar asked the candidates why they shouldn’t be fired, he was ready to deliver his final verdict:

“Laura – it’s the second time in the bottom three for you and last week it was very touch and go and I did say that I’d be keeping my eyes closely upon you, but I can’t really understand what Ricky’s brought you back in here for so what I’m going to say to you Laura is that you survive again.

"Ricky – I think you brought the wrong people back in here, that’s a bad management move that is, a very very bad management move.

"Duane – you put yourself forward to product the video, I personally believe that the video was the main cause of the failure of this task, and therefore Duane – You’re Fired.”

As he is driven away in a black cab, Duane reflected: “Lord Sugar knows what he wants and unfortunately this time it wasn’t me. That’s not going to take away from me, I’ve got a lot to give, a lot to prove and I’m going to go out there and do that. I’m hoping that you’ve not seen the best of me yet.”

The Apprentice 2012 continues next Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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