The Apprentice: Groove Train comes off the tracks for Adam and Jade

Jade Nash (The Apprentice 2012)

The Apprentice candidates Adam and Jade clash on tonight's show as Lord Sugar challenges the teams to come up with a new fitness craze.

Stephen quickly nominates himself as team leader of Phoenix, due to his knowledge of the sector.

The team devises an 80s themed workout called Groove Train, incorporating retro equipment such as space hoppers and hula-hoops into the class.

[tag]Jade Nash[/tag] and [tag]Adam Corbally[/tag] are put in charge of creating a promotional video, but as with any Apprentice task involving cameras, tempers quickly fray.

Jade is selected to direct the video and Adam casts himself as, ‘choreographer’, however tension between the two rises as they start to rub each other up the wrong way.

At the auditions for dancers, Adam feels that he is the only one contributing to the task, and doesn’t appreciate Jade’s sniggers as he shows an auditioning dancer some of the moves, “They were like if you know it all you do it. It’s not a case of who knows it all; we should all know it all.”

On the day of filming, Adam is insistent that he be involved in all conversations despite Jade questioning his actual involvement, as she states, “I’m not really sure what Adam’s role is today, he just keeps telling everyone to smile when they’re doing well, quite annoying really.”

In the editing studio, tensions come to a head when Jade ignores Adam’s feedback on how he feels the video should look, leaving Adam furious, “Apparently Jade’s the creative one in the group, I personally haven’t witnessed anything, all she creates is problems. She doesn’t shout me down, no one could do that, but she just doesn’t listen. I don’t know whether she’s thick or deaf, I don’t know what it is, but I’m really struggling with working with her today.”

The Apprentice 2012 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.