The Apprentice 2012 spoilers: Candidates create fitness DVDs!

The Apprentice 2012 Episode 5 Adam

The Apprentice 2012 candidates are called to York Hall in East London tonight, a Bethnal Green landmark and well known boxing, sporting and leisure venue, where Lord Sugar briefs them on their latest task.

“The health and fitness industry is worth a fortune, but what has become even more popular is the innovation of new fitness trends," Lord Sugar tells the group. "Your task this week is to come up with a new fitness programme. You are going to go and try and license your new fitness trend to some of the country’s leading health club chains. It’s got to grab the public’s interest and the fitness industry’s investment.”

The teams have two days to develop a new fitness routine, before pitching to three health club chains. If they like the routine they will license the class nationally. The team that makes the most money from sales of the licenses will win, and in the losing team, one candidate will be fired.

Stephen quickly nominates himself as team leader of Phoenix, due to his knowledge of the sector. He is acutely aware, however, of how vulnerable this makes him, “the task itself could be a bit of a banana skin because if we don’t win my neck is purely and simply on that chopping block.”

The team devises an 80s themed workout called Groove Train, incorporating retro equipment such as space hoppers and hula-hoops into the class.

Meanwhile Ricky is picked as team leader of Sterling, due to his experience in the sports industry as a professional wrestler. The team creates a programme called Beat Battle, a class combining martial arts with street dance.

With pitches to three health club chains arranged by Lord Sugar, both teams know that they have to impress to win orders.

Both team leaders have opted to lead the pitches. On Phoenix, Stephen takes the lead but has to think on his feet when he is questioned about both their target market and the cost and storage options for all the equipment needed for the programme, which they have decided to include free with the license. Karren is unimpressed with his responses, “they’ve got themselves into a real mess over this offer of free equipment. Firstly, the gyms cannot understand how this works in their business model and now their pulling prices, literally, out of the air.”

However Ricky's team, Sterling, has also encountered problems. In their first pitch, after they have played their promo video to the health club chain representatives, comparisons are drawn to classes that they already feature and questions asked over the originality of the fitness concept. In an attempt to counter these criticisms, the team makes the decision to demonstrate the moves live in the two remaining pitches.

With both teams struggling in the pitches, they can only wonder what results the boardroom will reveal. Tune in to find out who will be next to hear Lord Sugar’s immortal words: You’re Fired!

The Apprentice 2012, BBC One, 9PM

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