The Apprentice 2012: Jane McEvoy blames firing on rubbish products

Jane McEvoy (The Apprentice 2012)

Fired Apprentice 2012 candidate Jane McEvoy has blamed her poor performance in last night's task on rubbish products.

Lord Sugar yesterday challenged the teams to turn second hand junk into profit, but Jane got the axe after selling just £10 worth of stock.

Lord Sugar told her in the boardroom: "You’ve been in the losing team three times in four weeks and nothing I have seen yet tells me that you are this great business person"

Speaking after her exit, Jane pinned the failure of the task on the poor products she was tasked to sell.

"I have to be passionate and believe in what I am selling – and perhaps that makes me a bad saleswoman as I am just really honest," she explained. “I couldn’t sell it, I felt bad as I wouldn’t give some of the stuff away. Some of it was stinking, it was rubbish.

“I was uncomfortable trying to get people to pay money for that cr*p.”

Jane also insisted she was "fine" with former candidate Maria O’Connor, who branded her a bitch after getting fired two weeks ago.

Jane said: “I actually really like Maria, she obviously didn’t like me, it wasn’t mutual.

“I did get up early, but I think I used my hair straighteners in the closet so I wouldn’t wake anyone up.”

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