The Apprentice 2012 results: Who was fired? Jane McEvoy!

Jane McEvoy (The Apprentice 2012)

Jane McEvoy has become the latest candidate to be fired from The Apprentice 2012 after a tricky task in which the candidates had to source second hand items before selling them at a profit.

Laura had led Team Sterling who had total sales of £1444.25 with a total spend of £660.76 so a total profit of £783.49

Tom had led Team Phoenix who returned to the boardroom with total sales of £1423.50 with a total spend of £360.10 so a total profit of £1063.40

As Phoenix enjoyed a 40s Swing party, Lord Sugar grilled Sterling in the boardroom, bringing their attention to the fact that they bought a huge amount of items for their store, with over 200 products purchased, compared to Phoenix's 50.

Laura decided to bring Gabrielle and Jane back to the boardroom, Gabrielle for her costings on the upcycling and Jane for her lack of sales.

Gabrielle admitted that she made mistakes but emphasised the responsibility she took on in the task and questioned Laura’s contribution, “I took responsibility and I do not shy away from it. I took on a lot of stuff and what did you do? You gave a good speech now and again but if I ask you ‘what did you do that contributed to this? Go ahead…”

Laura responded by claiming that she was “at the centre of everything”, but Jane pointed out that if this was the case then there would have been a budget for the materials.

Lord Sugar then spoke to Jane about her impressive business credentials but admitted that he hasn’t really seen anything from her to impress him. Jane replied, “I’m quite a serious person, I’m not a market trader, I haven’t done that before. I am more comfortable in the business to business environment.”

After explaining that this boardroom decision was a tough one, Lord Sugar delivered his final verdict:

“Gabrielle – you got blamed for spending too much money but I admire your enthusiasm and on this particular occasion I’m going to let you stay in the process," Lord Sugar explained.

"It leaves me with having to make a decision about you two ladies. It’s one of the more difficult ones I’ve had to deal with. I have to judge it on the person that’s got the most potential in coming in to business with me.

"Laura – you lost the plot and you didn’t run the team very well. But I have a bigger concern with you Jane – you’ve been in the losing team three times in four weeks and nothing I have seen yet tells me that you are this great business person. So on that basis, Jane – You’re Fired.”

As she was driven away in a black cab, a tearful Jane reflected: “Lord Sugar mightn’t have wanted me but I will be extremely successful in everything that I do and hopefully in a few years time he’ll look back and say ‘I shouldn’t have fired her.”

The Apprentice 2012 continues next Wednesday on BBC One.

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