The Apprentice 2012 spoilers: Candidates told to 'upcycle'

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Lord Sugar challenges the remaining Apprentice 2012 candidates to a task about upcycling on tonight's show, as they're asked to turn one man's junk into another man's treasure.

Lord Sugar has laid on a couple of shops in the East End of London for them and both teams have £1000 and two days to source and sell on second hand stock.

After Lord Sugar has mixed the teams up further he reminds them that the team that makes the most amount of profit will win and in the losing team one candidate will be fired.

Which team will furnish the most profit and who should be left in the skip?

With [tag]Laura Hogg[/tag] putting herself forward on Sterling, the team opts to convert trash into cash by adding value to their products through ‘upcycling’, or as Ricky puts it, “we’re selling crap and turning it into style.”

Heading up Phoenix is [tag]Tom Gearing[/tag] whose strategy is to go for quality over quantity, and to spend as little as possible.

The next morning the teams divide into sub-teams and head in various directions to source their products. On Phoenix, one sub-team heads to an auction house under strict instruction from PM Tom to try to spend as little of the £200 he has given them as possible. Adam is unsure about how much luck they will have, “we’re good negotiators and good sales people but we’re not miracle workers!” Only managing to secure three items at the auction, Adam takes drastic action by rooting through the bins outside the auction house for products. An unimpressed Nick Hewer states, “This team has committed a number of mortal sins.”

After observing Tom’s reluctance to invest in many items at a huge car boot sale, Nick Hewer is left even more dubious about his strategy, “they’ve only bought a few items, its nuts! They’ve got to fill that shop tomorrow; I don’t want to be walking in to an empty shell of a shop!”

Meanwhile on Sterling the team has the opposite problem, buying a huge amount of stock for their shop. Despite the massive quantity of products they will need to shift, PM Laura remains confident, “I did like the items that we took, there’s nothing there that I think ‘I won’t be able to sell that.”

Karren, however, remains unconvinced about the worth of Sterling’s shabby chic stock, upcycled by [tag]Gabrielle Omar[/tag], observing, “They’ve got a real desire to paint everything, to change everything, and I’m not sure whether that actually detracts from the value or adds any value.”

Meanwhilel, opening their store, named Retro Station, the next morning, Phoenix is quick to attract customers to check out their minimalist shop. However while sales are brisk, stock is low. Overseeing proceedings Nick Hewer comments, “there’s a difference between ‘minimalism’ and ‘emptiness’ and I think they need to really get some stuff in there.”

Tune in to The Apprentice 2012 tonight to see who wins, and who will be fired!

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