The Apprentice 2012: Michael Copp says Lord Sugar got it wrong!

Michael Copp (The Apprentice 2012)

Fired Apprentice candidate Michael Copp has said that Lord Sugar got in wrong in axing him from the show.

The Essex businessman was given the chop on Wednesday night after failing to impress on the latest task to sell condiments.

Lord Sugar told him: “I don’t know what you were doing really. You didn’t do your trade selling properly.”

Speaking after his exit on the show, Michael blamed Ricky and Katie for the team losing.

"It was down to the division of the task. It was a combination of things: the manufacturing of the product, which made the product too expensive to sell to the trade," he told DigitalSpy.

Michael, who managed to shift just over 50 bottles of his teams 'Balissimo' sauce, went on: "I don't think I should have been fired. It should have been either Ricky or Katy [sic]. I think the reason I was fired is because I didn't fight my corner well enough.

"Ricky put a good few spins on, sugarcoated his position but the obvious choice for me would have been Ricky because of the product manufacturing side of it. Maybe I was a little bit naive going into the boardroom thinking that Lord Sugar would pick up on that and the obvious failure of the task was down to the manufacturing."

And taking a swipe at the boss himself, Michael added: "So it just goes to show even Lord Sugar can make the wrong business decisions.

"Even Lord Sugar can get it wrong. Because he definitely fired the wrong candidate in my eyes."

The Apprentice 2012 continues on Wednesdays on BBC One.