The Apprentice 2012: Michael Copp says he wasn't nasty enough!

Michael Copp (The Apprentice 2012)

Axed Apprentice 2012 candidate Michael Copp has suggested he was fired by Lord Sugar because he wasn't nasty enough.

The Essex businessman admitted today that he didn't "fight his corner" strongly enough when brought back to the boardroom by project manager Katie.

He said: "I didn’t put a good enough spin on and sugar coat every situation.

“But to be successful I don’t think you have to be ruthless, slippery or mean.

“A lot of them were bitching to fight and jostle for that position and there were a lot of egos. Everyone is trying to backstab as they shine, but I’m not used to that.”

Last night the candidates had to create and sell a new condiment, but Michael failed to shift just 80 bottles of his team's Mediterranean sauce to the trade.

Lord Sugar told him: "I don’t know what you were doing really. You didn’t do your trade selling properly."