Apprentice 2012: Boys team battle over products (VIDEO)

Azhar Siddique (The Apprentice 2012)

Team Phoenix - the boys - end up battling for control of the task on tonight's latest Apprentice episode.

The group picks Azhar to lead them and cook up some ideas for a new kitchen gadget. Duane suggests a waste compactor bin that compresses rubbish and reduces waste which the whole team seems to support at first. However on their way to a focus group, the sub-team turns against the idea, with Adam coming up with the new option of a pair of rubber gloves with scourers on one side.

Despite receiving positive feedback on the waste compactor and mixed reviews on the improved rubber gloves at a catering focus group, the sub-team concludes that they had favoured the second product, with Adam stating, “It seems to me to be a unanimous decision that they all liked the gloves”.

They decide to feed this back to the other half of the team but know it will be a hard sell convincing them. Their prediction is proved right when Azhar makes it clear that the decision is already made and they are going with the biodegradable bin. A despondent Ricky scoffs, “so basically we’ve invented the bin.”

Back at the house and with the compactor prototype under way, the boys regroup and Ricky voices his feelings, “to be honest we’ve felt like we’ve been redundant today. There could have been better communication”.

A disappointed Azhar is left with doubts about his team’s commitment, “I think people are just not committing to the product and I don’t think they want to give 100% to the product at all, or to winning the task.”

The Apprentice 2012 airs at 9PM on Wednesdays on BBC One.

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