Apprentice 2012 teaser: The boys struggle with the print business

Boys (Apprentice 2012 TX1)

In tonight's first Apprentice 2012 episode the two teams must start a print business. Split into boys and girls, the groups must buy blank stock, create and print designs and then sell the goods to the public.

But while the girls get off to a great start, with project manager [tag]Gabrielle Omar[/tag] having already started her own print business, the guys struggle.

As the clip below shows, the printing does not go so smoothly, with inconsistent images coming out on their merchandise and some of their bags looking more suited to the bin than anywhere else.

Tom admits the printing has been tricky, “the printing on the bags has been a little more difficult that we first envisaged as it’s not done by machine, we’re doing it by hand, so some of the quality is different. At the moment that’s a concern.”

They decide to go ahead and try and sell the faulty products anyway, with Nick stating, “we’ll sell it to a gullible tourist.”

But it seems that the people that the boys are flogging the imperfect goods to aren't stupid, with refunds having to be handed out...

The Apprentice airs tonight on BBC One at 9PM.

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