The Apprentice 2012's Duane Bryan a 'have-a-go hero' who caught hit and run driver

Duane Bryan (The Apprentice 2012)

The Apprentice 2012 candidate Duane Bryan has been branded a hero having chased a hit and run driver after an accident last year.

29-year-old Duane, one of this year's 16 new Apprentice 2012 candidates, explained to the Daily Mirror this week: "I saw a silver car driving on the pavement and thought ‘he could kill someone’.

"The driver got out and started to run away towards the old Stretford town hall building.

"He was really frantic and I thought these two other guys might need some help catching him.

"Three of us grabbed this guy and held him against a wall. People were really angry with him."

Melanie Lough, who was injured in the accident along with her baby Joseph said: "I just want to thank all the witnesses who helped me and the others who caught the driver.

"I’m just thankful that the outcome wasn’t a lot worse."

The Apprentice 2012 starts on BBC One on March 21.

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