Young Apprentice 2011 final: James McCullagh and Zara Brownless go head to head

James McCullagh

James McCullagh and Zara Brownless go head to head in tonight's Young Apprentice 2011 final, as they prepare to do battle in one last task. They are both called to County Hall where they are briefed on the competition’s toughest challenge yet.

With the help of some familiar faces they must create and develop a brand new online video game as well as filming a viral advert to accompany their launch campaign.

As they approach the last hurdle the two remaining candidates are full of confidence and eager to prove themselves on the task. James comments: “I think that Zara is going to be a tough competitor because I think Lord Sugar likes her and she can speak very well but I’m looking forward to showing what I can do.” While Zara says confidently: “I came here to win this and I’m so close now I can literally taste it. I’m definitely not afraid that I can’t beat James it’s just a matter of pulling out all the stops now.”

With the former candidates returning to lend a helping hand it’s down to Lord Sugar to split the teams. Lewis, Harry H, Hayley, Lizzie and Hannah join James while Ben, Mahamed, Harry M, Gbemi and Haya lend their support to Zara, but will they be a hindrance or a help?

Over on Zara’s team, a brainstorm is in full swing when Mahamed chimes in with a rather dark game concept and suggests: “What about a boy who goes to a graveyard to visit his parents and zombies come out of everywhere?” A bemused Zara replies: “It seems a bit sombre for me, I want to do something fun.”

Meanwhile, James’ teammates are equally keen to offer ideas with Lizzie suggesting a spot the difference puzzle game where players must note missing items, but a cynical Hannah quips: “I think what’s missing is the fun.”

The two finalists eventually settle on video game ideas with Zara opting for ‘Piggy Panic’ a platform game where users must help Porky Pete escape from a butcher, while James goes with ‘Crazy Cabinet’ a time management challenge where the player assumes the role of prime minister. But there is still the tough task of creating a viral video to tie in with their game concept.

James decides on satirical humour and says: “I know these ideas may seem a little bit offensive but nothing is funny unless it offends someone.”

Meanwhile Haya voices her reservations about Zara’s decision to go for slapstick comedy and says: “I can’t see any adult laughing at this. A ten-year-old maybe.”

With all to play for and access to a fund worth £25,000 at stake, who will take the title of Young Apprentice 2011?