Young Apprentice 2011: Harry M causes a mutiny on his team!


There's a mutiny on the Young Apprentice 2011 tonight, as Harry M takes up the role as project manager for the first time. The 16-year-old has already been criticised for his team working skills in past tasks, but shows little improvement this evening.

The eight remaining candidates are summoned to Wembley Stadium where they are briefed on this week’s task; to create and design a new brand of deodorant targeted at the teen market before filming an advertisement and presenting the product to industry experts.

The teams are shuffled by Lord Sugar who then appoints Harry M is appointed PM on Kinetic with Zara appointed PM on Atomic.

In his first stint as Project Manager, Harry M is keen to assert his authority and immediately decides to target the female market. His teammates are taken aback by his refusal to consider their ideas but Harry M stands firm in his decision and says: “I think as Project Manager being decisive is an essential trait and to be decisive you need to be firm so that people respect you.”

But an infuriated James comments: “I don’t think anyone was happy to see Harry M as the Project Manager. He is extremely difficult to work with.”

As tensions between the group and Harry continue to rise, James decides to call a team meeting in the house and challenges his PM in no uncertain terms: “You have taken a back seat as Project Manager. You’ve lumped an awful lot on Lizzie and Gbemi!”

But refusing to be accosted Harry hits back: “I’m more than confident in what I have produced as Project Manager James and I think you’re actually being tactical. Leave your criticisms for the boardroom James. Park it up.”

Over on Atomic, a similar power-struggle emerges with Hayley feeling marginalised by PM and experienced director Zara who offers little room for maneuver in their advert for boy’s deodorant ‘RAW’.

In the editing suite Hayley is adamant that the product shot should be changed but Zara refutes: “At the end of the day it is just your opinion against mine.” Eager for her voice to be heard, Hayley fumes: “That doesn’t mean that you’re any higher than me or that your opinions are more valid!”

Tune in tonight to find out who will be next to hear Lord Sugar’s dreaded words: “You’re Fired!”

Young Apprentice 2011, BBC One, 9PM