Young Apprentice 2011 candidates take on the floristry business

TX3 Young ApprenticeTonight's episode of Young Apprentice 2011 sees the ten remaining candidates try their hands at floristry. They are delivered a tablet containing a video message from Lord Sugar, in which he explains: "The floristry business is worth over 1.5 billion pounds a year and I want you to grab a share of that market."

But that's not all: he has also decided to mix the teams up and appoint the project managers himself, with Lizzie leading Team Kinetic, and Hannah heading Team Atomic. Each team gets £800 worth of stock and they have two days to learn how to arrange flowers, price them, pitch them to corporate clients and sell them to the public.

The task starts with the team pitchers heading to three client appointments, where they compete for the same contracts. Harry and James make up a quote for a client when the Kinetic girls take too long to provide prices, while Atomic's Hannah left furious when Zara and Lewis quote higher prices than they were told to.

The next day the teams head to opposite ends of London to sell bouquets to the public, and Team Kinetic agree to try and triple their cost value. However, Team Atomic decide to sell at double, annoying Harry M, who comments: "We were informed that florists sometimes triple the prices. We’re doubling our prices and this will transpire tomorrow in the boardroom.”

Concerned about his team's pricing strategy, Harry concentrates on shifting more expensive heliconia plants in an attempt to maximise their takings.

The team that makes the least profit will be in Lord Sugar's firing line, but who'll come up smelling of roses? Watch Young Apprentice tonight at 9pm on BBC One to find out!

Check out a preview clip below: