Young Apprentice 2011: Fired candidate Ben Fowler chats about his experience

Ben Fowler

16-year-old Ben Fowler became the latest candidate to be fired from the new series of Young Apprentice on Monday, as the boys team failed in their task to design and pitch a new product for the baby market.

Fired with regret by Lord Sugar, Ben was criticised by his team mates and the boss for failing to contribute anything to the task, with Lord Sugar telling him: "You seem to be someone who is eager to assist but doesn’t come up with any inspirational ideas."

Here's what he had to say after his exit...

Ben on how he found his time on the show
The time on the show was great and I really enjoyed it, it’s something that I will always remember. The first task was really good and something that I enjoyed and living in the house was the best part of it all.

Ben on who he thinks is the strongest candidate
I think James is the strongest candidate, he has something, he always manages to talk his way out of a situation. He is not afraid to lose friends.

Ben on what happened in the task he was fired on
I don't think the task involved that many people to complete it, there were 5 boys and I think the task only really needed 2-3 people. That's why I and maybe one other looked like we weren't doing much!


Ben on the highlights of the experience
The highlight of the experience was meeting Lord Sugar, Karren and Nick, and also living in the house was so fun!

Ben on how the Young Apprentice experience will help him in the future
I think the experience of the show will help me go into employment and help me gain experience in the retail sector, as in the future this is something I would look into going into.

Ben on his hopes for his future career
I hope to open a chain of retail stores in gardening, or help those who have behavioural problems to try and encourage them to make something out of nothing. I must thank many people from Brandhall Road allotments for giving me the opportunity to be able to do something that will help me in the future!

Ben’s advice to any young aspiring business people
Business is what you make of it! You have to work hard and be determined, also follow your goals and never ever give up! Turn something you enjoy into a business, because you have to be passionate about what you are doing. Don't be afraid to give it a go, any idea, any thought you may have, look into it. Is there a gap in the market? Because one day an idea will spring to mind and it will be the best thing since sliced bread.

Ben on what he’s learnt about business from his experience
The show is all about business, and it taught me a lot about pitching and presentation to companies which is something I may have to do one day. It also taught me to work hard and be yourself, because in business you need to be honest. The show also helped me in a simple way, talking to Lord Sugar and learning that you can make something from nothing!

Young Apprentice airs on Mondays at 9pm on BBC1

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