Young Apprentice 2011: Ben Fowler fired!

Ben Fowler

It was a second loss for the boys’ team in as many weeks on tonight's Young Apprentice 2011, as Ben Fowler became the latest candidate fired by Lord Sugar in the new series of the show.

The groups had to design and brand a new product for babies, with the boys creating a drinks bottle warmer in the shape of a hippo and the girls deciding on a sling to help mothers support newborns whilst holding them.

In the boardroom, the results were clear.

The boys sold 1200 units to the boutique store, 0 units to the department store and 4000 units to the childcare chain selling a total of 5200 units.

The girls sold 0 units to the boutique store, 0 units to the department store and 7500 units to the childcare chain selling a total of 7500 units.

After a second consecutive win the girls went off for their treat, a street dance class with Diversity while the boys headed to Losers Café in search of answers.

TX2 firing

With mutiny in the ranks, PM Lewis admitted: “There’s so much friction on the team it’s unreal.”

Back in the boardroom fingers were pointed as James put Harry M under the spotlight and reported: “Harry you made things very difficult on this task. It was like having an enemy on your own team.”


Lewis decided to bring back Harry M because “his attitude stinks” and Ben for his “lack of contribution”.

After sating their cases Lord Sugar deliberated: “Ben you seem to be someone who is eager to assist but doesn’t come up with any inspirational ideas. Lewis I like your spirit but the decision to pitch was disastrous. Harry I’ve heard a lot about what you contributed in this task but you’re not liked which is not a nice thing,”

Struggling to make a decision after praising them for their achievements in getting this far, Lord Sugar eventually concluded: “With regret Ben, You’re fired.”

As he is driven away Ben said: “Lord Sugar didn’t get to see the best of me, he didn’t like my calm, relaxed approach and unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to show him what I could do.”

The Young Apprentice continues next Monday at 9PM on BBC One.

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