The Apprentice 2019 contestants and results - who left this week?

The Apprentice results - who was fired? Recap!

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Who left The Apprentice 2019 this week? Here are all the contestants and results so far.

It was the tenth episode of The Apprentice 2019 this week, as the remaining six candidates competed for Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment.

In this week's episode (December 4), Lord Sugar summoned the group to London and Burlington House.

There, he instructed the candidates to create and brand perfumes.

Each team had to create a signature scents, a bottle and advertising poster before pitching their perfume for sales from two major retailers.

Team Empower led by Pamela Laird lost the task with Pamela, Dean Ahmad and Lewis Ellis all returning to face Lord Sugar where it was Dean who was fired from The Apprentice 2019 this week.

Here's a full recap of The Apprentice 2019 results so far...

The Apprentice 2019 contestants

Scarlett Allen-Horton 32-year-old Owner, Recruitment Company from West Midlands

Lewis Ellis 28-year-old Digital Marketing Project Manager from Lancashire

Pamela Laird 29-year-old Owner, Beauty Brand from Dublin, Ireland

Carina Lepore 30-year-old Owner, Artisan Bakery from South London

Lottie Lion 19-year-old Librarian from Somerset

FIRED WEEK 10: Dean Ahmad 20-year-old Owner, Sports Management Agency from Essex

FIRED WEEK 9: Marianne Rawlins 36-year-old Owner, Risk Management Consultancy from Stamford, Lincolnshire

FIRED WEEK 9: Thomas Skinner 28-year-old Owner, Pillow Company from East London

FIRED WEEK 8: Ryan-Mark Parsons 19-year-old Luxury Womenswear Consultant from South East London

FIRED WEEK 7: Jemelin Artigas 34-year-old Network Marketing Consultant from South East London

FIRED WEEK 6: Iasha Masood 27-year-old Account Manager from Manchester

FIRED WEEK 5: Riyonn Farsad 30-year-old Events Manager from South London

FIRED WEEK 4: Lubna Farhan 33-year-old Finance Manager from Luton

FIRED WEEK 3: Souleyman Bah 20-year-old Para Athlete and Motivational Speaker from South West London

FIRED WEEK 2: Kenna Ngoma 24-year-old Owner, Ice Cream Company from Greater Manchester

FIRED WEEK 1: Shahin Hassan 36-year-old Chartered Engineer from Birmingham


The Apprentice 2019 continues Wednesday, December 11 at 9PM on BBC One.

You are able to catch up and watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer.

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