Susan Ma now friends with former Apprentice candidates, despite saying they picked on her!

Susan Ma

Apprentice 2011 finalist Susan Ma has revealed she's now friends with all her former fellow candidates on the show, despite accusing them of picking on her. Speaking to the Evening Standard magazine, Susan added she even speaks to Zoe!

Describing some of the comments made towards her on the show as "hurtful", Susan said: "There were times when I was surprised by the way people were speaking to me and by what they were saying.

"At certain points people felt that I was an easy target and perhaps easier to get rid of."

Susan, who finished third on the business reality series earlier this month, insisted however she was now friends with all the candidates.

Saying that the pressure of the programme "brings out the worst side in you," Susan added: "I don't think the other candidates would behave like that normally. I'm friends with them all now and they are absolutely lovely to me."

And Susan's even talking to Zoe, who she branded "one of the bitchiest and most backstabbing people I've ever met"!

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