Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau says he nealy quit the show in Week 3

Tom Pellereau

The Apprentice 2011 winner Tom Pellereau has revealed how he almost quit the show in Week 3 after producers threatened to ban him from using his notebook. Speaking after his win on last night's final against Helen Milligan, Tom added he didn't even know why Lord Sugar chose him!

Inventor Tom was chosen as Lord Sugar's new business partner and won a £250,000 investment from the former Amstrad boss.

Speaking to The Mirror today, Tom said: “How did I win? Although I was on the losing side a lot, I knew what the winning strategy was. Lord Sugar has taken a punt on me and now it is time to shine.”

Tom also admitted how he came close to walking out of the show over arguments with producers about his notebook.

He said: “The way my mind works I need to write things down straight away, I have to get things out of my mind on to the page. I even keep a notebook by my bed.


“Producers threatened to take my notebook away, because they thought I might sell it when I finished. And when I took it out in the boardroom and started scribbling away, they said ‘how did you get paper in here?’."

Tom revealed: “They wanted to ban it, so I very nearly left in the third week. I wouldn’t have carried on without it.

“In the end they let me keep it and ripped out the pages each day.”

Meanwhile talking about his head nodding habit, Tom explained: “I was just trying to show I was listening. But it is fair if people want to say I was teacher’s pet. But I don’t think I’m a nodding dog or an underdog, the dog that comes to mind is Lassie. He was helpful, clever and caring.

“I am not a terrier, I think I am more like Lassie.”

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