Nick Hewer prefers Margaret Mountford to Karren Brady on The Apprentice!

Nick Hewer

Apprentice star Nick Hewer has revealed he prefers Margaret Mountford to Karren Brady on The Apprentice. Speaking to the Daily Mail yesterday about working on the show, Nick confessed how Karren was too busy for the pair of them to bond as much.

Karren replaced Margaret on the show in 2009 after she left the series in order to persue her PhD.

Speaking to the newspaper, Nick said: "Ah, the blessed Margaret. I think she's very special. It may have something to do with the length of time I've known her... It may be because we're nearer in age. It may be because we've shared experiences when working for Sugar.

"But Karren's no slouch. We have a cordial relationship... We're different ages and from different backgrounds. Karren's got her children, her husband, her own set."


He continued: "Margaret and I used to go out to dinner because both of us were kicking around London on our own. We were two lonely old people with white hair and we bounce off each other quite well mentally."

Speaking about Margaret's exit, Nick added: "I think Margaret genuinely had to get on with her PhD. I don't think she was as attracted to the money as much as me. She made a lot more as a lawyer than I did."

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The Apprentice 2011 final airs tonight on BBC One.

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