The Apprentice 2011 finalists tell us why Lord Sugar should hire them!

Susan Ma

With just over 24 hours until The Apprentice 2011 final takes place, the four remaining candidates have told viewers just why Lord Sugar should pick them to win the series. With a whopping £250,000 investment from the boss up for grabs, it's all to play for...

30-year-old Executive Assistant Helen Milligan, 32-year-old Sales & Marketing Manager Jim Eastwood, 21-year-old Natural Skincare Entrepreneur Susan Ma and 31-year-old inventor Tom Pellereau will go head to head in one final test designed to separate the wheat from the chaff as Lord Sugar prepares to offer one of them a life changing opportunity.

The four finalists will face a grilling like no other as they endure the dreaded interview stage where they will be cross-examined by Lord Sugar’s most unforgiving associates; ruthless troubleshooter Claude Littner, pioneer of Britain's free magazine business Mike Soutar, chief executive Matthew Riley and his eyebrow raising confidant Margaret Mountford.

"I've tried to give my best," Jim said. "Lord Sugar should hire me because I've got a fantastic business idea and I bring a lot to the table. What you get from me - love it or hate it - is a guy who gets really stuck in. I didn't intend to exasperate anybody and hopefully I've given them food for thought."


Helen explained: "Being in the corporate word, as I am, you learn a lot about how a really successful business is run. I've gained a lot of experience from some of the best business people in the UK. So I think the experience that I bring would be quite difficult for anyone else to match. Everything I've done has been leading towards this moment."

Next, Tom added: "I offer something pretty unique. I have the experience and skills of developing products which, when working with someone like Lord Sugar, could go global very quickly. I've got 20 inventions in beauty and health that are ready to go."

Finally Susan told buzz magazine: "I'm a very adaptable person who is quick to take criticisms on board and improve myself. Lord Sugar shouldn't fire me because I am young, I'll listen to his ideas and I also have a fresh perspective - which means we could bounce ideas off each other."

The Apprentice 2010 final airs tomorrow night on BBC One at 9PM.

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