Apprentice finalists must focus on themselves, instead of slagging off others, says Katie Hopkins

The Apprentice 2011

Former Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins has told The Sun's buzz magazine this week that the Apprentice 2011 finalists must focus on themselves. Speaking ahead of the Apprentice final tomorrow, Katie said the candidates shouldn't waste time slagging their rivals off.

"It makes me laugh when people as if there's any sense of camaraderie between the final four - there's absolutely none," Katie told the magazine. "The way you really feel is: "'I've made it to the final and I'm not sharing it with any of you. I still loathe the way you put on your make up, the way you put your shoes on and the way you drag your suitcase.'

"The daggers are drawn."

Katie, who ‘resigned’ in series 3 of the show during the final week, continued: "My main tip for Jim, Tom, Helen and Susan is to focus solely on why you are the only person in the boardroom that can be Lord Sugar's new business partner. Don't mention the names of the other three at all. Don't make non-statements.

"The classic mistake is to waste lots of time slagging off the others, The Shug isn't interested - he can do that perfectly well himself."

The Apprentice final airs tomorrow on BBC One at 9PM.

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