With The Apprentice final tomorrow, the candidates blast their rivals!

The Apprentice 2011

The four remaining candidates in The Apprentice 2011 have hit out at their rivals ahead of the show's final tomorrow night on BBC One. Susan Ma, Helen Milligan, Jim Eastwood and Tom Pellereau couldn't help but take digs are one another before finding out their fate.

"Everything I've done has been leading to this moment," Helen told buzz magazine this week, before being the first to knock her Apprentice rivals. "Jim came into criticism for talking his way out of the boardroom; Tom isn't strong enough in putting forward his ability to make the right call; and Suzy's starting ten years behind the rest of us."

Jim also put the boot into Susan, saying: "I didn't mean to be disparaging when I called Susan a 'meek little mouse', but there are participants and there are spectators... What you get from me - love it or hate it - is a guy who gets really stuck in."


But Susan was quick to hit back, saying: "Jim can appear manipulative. I haven't seen much from Helen in terms of creativity, and Tom is Mr Hindsight in the boardroom."

It was only Tom that stuck to the high ground, instead talking about how the show had helped him come out of a rut. "I'd just had one of the worst times of my life," he tells the magazine. "I'd broken up with my girlfriend and a new investor was trying to kick me out of my business.

"I believed I'd got it all wrong and was close to rethinking my life."

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The Apprentice 2011 final airs at 9PM on BBC One tomorrow.

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