As part of the finale celebrations for the seventh series of 'The Apprentice', we reveal the top five candidates who shouldn't have been fired

The Apprentice 2011We love The Apprentice here at TellyMix and so with the curtain about to come up on the seventh series, we're in full celebratory mode with loads of special features on the show's seven series, with that in mind we're going to look back at the five candidates who we believe shouldn't have been fired when they were.

5. Edna Agbarha (Series Seven - Week Six)

Task: To operate waste disposal services. The team which makes the most profit wins.

Reason for firing: For not living up to her abilities.

Who should have been fired: Based on the final 3, Zoe should have gone but Leon got away by not being brought back into the boardroom.

We say: Edna brought us lots of entertainment value through her gloves and her Week Two pitch but she was also a well-rounded candidate and after Zoe lost the two clients due to not listening to Susan, we thought firing Edna was a mistake.

4.  Sara Dhada (Series Four - Week Eight)

Task: Select and sell wedding dresses and accessories at a wedding exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The team that makes the most money wins.

Reason for firing: For being argumentative during the tasks and not contributing much throughout the process.

Who should have been fired: Michael should have went after weeks of doing very little infact he should have been fired long before Week 8.

We say: Like the You're Fired audience, we strongly disagreed with Sir Alan's decision. Sara had a tough time on the show after Lee was intimidating towards her in the house (the one winner we never agreed with) and Michael was lucky to escape a firing.

3. Paula Jones (Series Five - Week Four)

Task: To produce and sell two bath and beauty products made from natural ingredients, that stand out from the competition.

Reason for firing: Although Sir Alan felt that Empire were better than Ignite, the Cedarwood or Sandelwood blunder ultimately cost Paula her place in the competition.

Who should have been fired: Noorul should have been fired had Team Empire not spent too much on the products, he was lucky Team Ignite won. On the losing team, Ben was probably the least productive.

We say: It was such a pity that they made a minor mistake because the Paula-led Team Empire were far and above a lot better than Team Ignite.

2. Shazia Wahab (Series Four - Week Two)

Task: Both teams were given use of an industrial laundry for the night. The team that makes the most profit wins.

Reason for firing: Shazia left early causing the laundry to be mixed up, Sir Alan felt that such a minor mistake was the cause for the failure of the task.

Who should have been fired: Jenny Celerier made a large number of major mistakes, it was madness that she managed to escape.

We say: Shazia showed quite a bit of promise in the first week so it was a shame that this was all put to one side after she made a small mistake, Jenny made loads of big mistakes so she should have went.

1. Liz Locke (Series Six - Week Ten)

Task: To sell the London 'tour experience' to the general public.

Reason for firing: For not displaying qualities aside from sales.

Who should have been fired: 4 words, Stuart Baggs 'The Brand'

We say: This was the most baseless firing we ever saw on the show. Liz was a great candidate and how she managed to go when Mr. Baggs and his field of ponies survived is still a mystery. Even Sir Alan seemed to regret it.

So there you have it, five candidates who thought were wrongly fired. Of course, you can always tell us who you think shouldn't have been fired, your views matter as much as our own.