The Apprentice 2011: Our most memorable quotes from the series

Lord Sugar

As The Apprentice 2011 final draws ever closer, here we take a look back at our top and most memorable quotes from the past 12 weeks. Most for the wrong reasons, we simply couldn't ignore these short lines uttered by what are supposed to be the UK's best and brightest business brains.

The Apprentice 2011 final airs on Sunday at 9PM on BBC One with Susan Ma, Jim Eastwood, Tom Pellereau and Helen Millgan battling it out for a 250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

"Don't tell me the sky's the limit if there are footprints on the moon"

This quote made by Melody on the first episode will, for us, forever be an Apprentice classic. Melody came out with some other corkers too, including revealing how she has been mentored by everyone from Al Gore to the Dalai Lama.

"Is that an orange?"

This was just one of a few brilliant quotes from the boys team in this series' first task. Other great one liners included "Let's make soup like we've never done before", "Squeeze the balls out of those oranges" and - that famous business philosophy - "They might not buy it again, but they're not gonna be sick."

"Roll with the punches."

Poor Edward was fired in the first week and yet still somehow managed to squeeze this quote in at least 10 times into the only hour he was on the show!


"The project managers decision is final."

This quote from Jim symbolises quite possibly one of the best boardroom moments ever, after persuading project manager Leon to change his mind over who to bring back in, Jim then managed to convince the other candidates not to try the same tactics. 'Jedi Jim' was born...

"She's everywhere, she gets where dirt can't"

This sly and bitchy quote from Zoe about Natasha was just one of many clashes in this year's series. Miserable Zoe seemed to have a problem with all of the girls, with a list of her digs against Susan being too long to write about!

"I've had a look at all your strengths and weaknesses and I've decided the person who will be doing the pitch is... me"

We'll never quite understand how Edna managed to win as project manager in the mobile phone app task, especially with the arrogance displayed in the above quote. None the less she did manage to outsmart the boys, perhaps it was all done to those elbow length leather gloves...

"Do the French like their children?"

A pretty much obligatory quote for any Apprentice 2011 feature, this question asked by Susan pretty much summed up the ignorance on display this year.

"The King of Tonga does not go looking for bargains"

Lord Sugar's aide Nick Hewer was also on fine form and witty as ever, making this dig at Susan and Leon as they tried their best to buy a cut price top hat from a shop on St James' street.

"We have heard from Melody, Now let's hear from the chorus"

This pun by Lord Sugar himself left us - and the candidates - giggling. A surprisingly quick witted response from the usually direct and straight talking boss.

"He reminds me of a very slow internet connection."

Another, much more typical, Lord Sugar quote completes out list, with the business mogul talking about Edward Hunter after he had just been shown the door in Week 1.

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