As the latest series of 'The Apprentice' concludes, we look at our top 5 blunders from the past 7 series!

The Apprentice 2011Let's face it, we don't watch The Apprentice for the databases and the profit margins, we watch it for the deluded candidates helplessly making massive mistakes. So with the seventh series about to conclude, we've counted down our top 5 Apprentice blunders from dancing in a pitch to selling cheap cheese in France!

5.  Cedarwood or Sandalwood - Series Five

Task: To produce and sell two bath and beauty products made from natural ingredients, that stand out from the competition

Who was fired: Paula for misinterpreting the formula and mixing up cedarwood with the much more expensive sandalwood.

Who we would have fired: Noorul - He may have been on the winning team but he did very little.

We say: The losing team (Team Empire) were much better than Team Ignite but due to mixing up Cedwarwood and Sandelwood, they ended up spending far too much on their products. It's a shame because a simple mistake cost a good candidate their place in the show.

4. Dancing In The Pitch - Series One

Task: Design a TV and print advertising campaign for Amstrad's new Jukebox music system, then pitch it to potential buyers.

Who was fired: Rachel for a bizarre pitch which involved dancing across the room.

Who we would have fired: Rachel for mentally scarring us with her bizarre dancing.

We say: This has to be one of the most cringeworthy moments of all time, Rachel threw her shoes across the room and began to dance. On top of that, she also designed a mood board. It's not a boardroom she should be in, it's a padded cell.

3. Cheese In France - Series Three

Task: Buy and sell British produce at a French farmers' market.

Who was fired: Paul for not taking Katie into the boardroom and for flogging cheap English cheese as well as trying to cook sausages on a tin filled with lighter fuel.

Who we would have fired: Paul for thinking it a good idea to bring cash 'n' carry cheese to France, the King of fine cheeses!

We say: Why Paul insisted on using his army skills to try and cook sausages using a tin can instead of a camping stove is beyond us but taking cheap cheese and not bring Katie back into the boardroom due to their fledgling romance was enough reason for Paul to be given his marching orders.

2. Pants Man - Series Five

Task: To produce a brand identity for a new breakfast cereal, including a television advert and original character, and pitch it to a panel of advertising experts.

Who was fired: Kimberly for failing to lead the team effectively despite an advertising background.

Who we would have fired: Phillip for coming up with the terrible idea of Pants Man as the mascot for the cereal.

We say: Only Cassandra (Lorraine Tighe) correctly predicted that this idea would fail after Phillip randomly danced about to his own little 'dance in your pants' song whilst pitching the idea to his team (related to Rachel perhaps?). Kimberly may not have been perfect but Phillip should have went in this week.

1. Kosher Chicken - Series Four

Task: Buy a set list of items in the marketplaces of Marrakesh, Morocco. The team that spends the least wins.

Who was fired: Jenny for trying to lie about the Kosher chicken mistake to get Michael fired and Jennifer for failing to control the team and not paying attention to the set list.

Who should have been fired: Jenny for bizarrely informing Sir Alan that it was her birthday as if expecting him to bring out a cake and sing Happy Birthday and Michael for not knowing the difference between a Kosher Chicken and a Halal Chicken despite being Jewish and trying to sabotage the other team!

We say: This was a highly entertaining task, the losing team did so much wrong that all the team were hauled into the boardroom. After trying to bribe a sports shop into stringing the tennis rackets incorrectly for the other team, Team Renaissance shamed themselves, they didn't help the situation by getting most of the items wrong. Jenny Celerier's random ad lib about her birthday was the icing on the cake (no pun intended) to make this blunder, our favourite task of all seven series of The Apprentice!

Right, that's your lot. Of course if you disagree with our list, please comment below telling us what you think was the best blunder of the seven series. We're definitely in need of a well deserved rest, see you!

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