Profile: The Apprentice 2011 finalist - Jim Eastwood!

Jim Eastwood

Today we continue to profile the potential winners of The Apprentice 2011, next taking a look at Jim Eastwood - those supposed Jedi powers! The charming Irishman, who currently works as a Sales & Marketing Manager, was a clear contender from the start with his ability to persuade and negotiate.

The self proclaimed ‘Irish bulldozer of charm’ narrowly escaped a firing in week five when his fateful idea Everydog was slammed by marketing professionals. He has gone on to redeem himself, routinely proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in the boardroom and was awarded the Biggest Bullshitter in the World by Lord Sugar after task nine.

He says: “The competition is heightening. I’m bubbling over with ideas, passion and ability. I’m big time ready and I’ve got so much more to give. It’s not arrogance but I’m here to be Lord Sugar’s business partner. I believe I’ve got the full package.”


Appearances as Project Manager: 1

Appearances on Losing Team: 6

Appearances in Board Room: 1

Favourite Sayings: “I am an Irish bulldozer of charm.”

Best Quote: “I can take their hearts, I can take their minds and I’m good at making them do what I need them to do.”(Task 7)

Best fight: Forcing Leon not to bring him back in episode 2: “I’m not the person you should be bringing back in if you agree I have done a sterling job throughout, so you need to change your decision.”

Worst moments: Coming up with the name ‘Everydog’. (Task5)

Best moments: Generating sales of 800,000 Special Stars units (Task 9)

Worst Boardroom moment: Jim received a dressing down after running with the name ‘Hip Replacement’ (Task 7)

Lord Sugar said: “The demographic don’t want to be patronised and appreciate the irony of the fact they are of an age.”

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