Jim Eastwood "invents" 'Caracas', the capital city of Venezuela (for his Mexican restaurant)

The Apprentice Jim Ep11

Tonight's latest episode of The Apprentice 2011 sees one team of bumbling candidates demonstrate a sheer lack of Geography and research skills after they name their Mexican fast food restaurant after Caracas, the name of the capital city of South American country Venezuela.

To make things worse, the business boffins don't even realise it.

Brainstorming ideas for the name of their Mexican restaurant, Venture unwittingly “invent” the name of the capital city of Venezuela and name their venue Caraca’s. A variation on maracas “dreamed up” by Jim, when asked what it means by the girls, he says: “I don’t know, it’s just a name that came to me... thought it was catchy.”

However, it’s not just Venture playing the name game badly, as Logic name a dish at their restaurant MyPy after Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who they wrongly think was British.


With a few hours to spare before customers start arriving, the team waste time adding finishing touches to the restaurant and fail to get a system in place for getting the food out, leaving their exasperated kitchen hand to exclaim: “Please Jim, you should organise the kitchen… we are not ready… I need to talk to you about everything. You must think about things… it takes time to do.”

With no system in place and rubbish still on the floor as customers arrive, the team is caught off guard by the volume of orders. A flustered Susan says: “Customers are getting really impatient with the food” before serving a table who complain: “They should have melted the cheese… it’s very cold.”

Karren highlights the shortcomings from the sidelines: “They spent so long today talking about the décor and putting up posters they forgot to organise a system that works. There is nothing fast about this fast food restaurant.”

Will Venture manage to up their game before Lord Sugar’s visit, or will Logic take a bigger slice of the pie?

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The Apprentice continues at 9PM tonight on BBC One while the final will follow this weekend on Sunday 17th July, 9pm on BBC One.

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