Nick Hewer misses feisty Margaret Mountford on The Apprentice!

Margaret Mountford

The Apprentice's Nick Hewer has confessed to missing feisty Margaret Mountford on the show, but insisted that her replacement Karren Brady was just as good! Speaking to heat magazine this week ahead of The Apprentice 2011 final on Saturday, Nick recalled his favourite moments with Lord Sugar's former aide.

Margaret left the series to pursue her PhD back in 2009, after four years on the series. Replaced by Karren Brady on the programme, Margaret will return this weekend as one of the interviewer's for the final four.

Speaking about recording the show, Nick revealed how the pair were always coming up with jokes between themselves.

"We often roar with laughter off camera," he told the magazine. "Most of mine are just old-fashioned, so the new generation don't get them and think they're new.


"I said to Syed [Ahemd from series two] was 'all gong and no dinner, which is from when my mum used to have an actual gong that she'd ring when it was time for dinner. Hmm... I wonder what ever happened to that. One of my kids will have it, no doubt. Little buggers."

Asked whether he missed his former partner in crime on the show, Nick gave a very diplomatic response - what else would you expect from a PR guru?

"In many ways I do, but in many way I don't and those moments are filled with Karren who is very good," Nick explained. "I think she's got more commercial experience than Margaret, even though she may lack her wit."

Meanwhile the pal of Lord Sugar's told how some of the candidates have tried to charm their way to winning the show.

"Once someone sidled up to Margaret saying how much he admired her fragrance. Well, I don't think he’s ever come as near to collecting a left hook before in his life.

"And people will say "Oohh, Nick, Nice tie," and I'll tell them to stop. Our job is to be dispassionate. You can't have favourites."

See who comes out on top when The Apprentice 2011 concludes on Sunday at 9PM on BBC One.

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