Apprentice's Nick Hewer says he won't ever quit the show... even though he hates it!

Nick Hewer

The Apprentice 2011 star Nick Hewer has said he'll never quit the BBC One business show, despite joking that he hates "every minute" of the hard show! Speaking to heat magazine, Nick revealed how he'll continue critiquing the candidates as along as he’s psychically able to do so!

Nick told the magazine: “I hate every minute of it because it’s very hard. We put our businesses and our social lives on hold for weeks and weeks and then spend our days eating sandwiches somewhere in a gutter in Hackney. And then we go into the Boardroom after a 20-hour day with no script and Lord Sugar, who clearly missed his vocation as a criminal barrister, is in charge.”

And Nick blamed the often silly choices by candidates on the tough working days.

"You ask why contestants make such t*ts of themselves? Well, exhaustion leads to mistakes. For last year’s sausage task we started at 7pm, went through the night, through the next day and finished at 11pm. It’s relentless. Also, they’re locked up in that house, that sweaty cauldron, with no contact with their families and are constantly worrying who’s creeping up behind them with a bread knife.”


But Nick insists: “I won’t quit, for as long as the show’s still going and I’m still physically able. I love it really. We’re genuinely helping people achieve the most extraordinary things.”

Meanwhile Nick also admitted to the magazine and he himself has found himself on the receiving end of a Boardroom-style tongue-lashing from Lord Sugar in their 20 years working together.

“You’ll be out for dinner with him and then he’ll ring you at 8am the next morning and give you a b****cking," the PR Guru laughed. "Even when you don’t work for him, you get a b****cking.

"It’s immediately forgotten, though, and the great thing about Alan is he’s exceptionally loyal and inspires great loyalty in everyone he works with. He’s by far the greatest leader I’ve ever come across.”

The Apprentice 2011 continues tomorrow night at 9PM on BBC One.

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