Melody Hossaini reveals all about being kidnapped and held at gunpoint!

Melody Hossaini

Melody Hossaini has revealed all about her tough upbringing - which saw her being kidnapped and held at gunpoint in Iran! Speaking to the Sunday Mirror after missing out on a spot in The Final Five last week, Melody spoke candidly about her past and how she's worked her way up the business ladder.

The 26-year-old was branded "ruthless" on the show but later confessed she was really insecure and continued to put up a hard faced front whilst on the show.

Talking, as she does best, about her extraordinary life, Melody told the paper: “I’ve cheated death so many times that sometimes I think I’ve got nine lives. I was born during the Iran-Iraq war when bombs were blowing up neighbours’ houses.

“I was bound and gagged in my own home by three burglars who threatened to shoot my mum. And then three years ago I was ­convinced I was going to die when I was driven off into the desert outside Abu Dhabi and dumped.

“Whenever I was faced with these terrifying situations I managed to find an inner strength and stay calm. It has made me a real fighter."


She continued: "But when people saw me in the boardroom on ­Wednesday all that strength and confidence was stripped away to pure emotion and I showed just how much winning The Apprentice ­actually meant to me.

“I didn’t want to just get to the final. I didn’t want to come second. I wanted to win. I was absolutely desperate to work with Lord Sugar and I was ­devastated when I was fired.”

At aged 12 Melody moved to Sweden before finally moving to Birmingham after her parents split up, however life in the Uk wasn't much easier than in Iran.

"I hated every second of my school life in Birmingham," Melody confessed. "I was bullied because I seemed different and because we didn’t have much money. I was teased about my clothes and my trainers, but I always stood up for myself.

“And I always had this absolute determination to succeed and do well. At 16 I got a job in Sainsbury’s stacking shelves because I hated taking money from my mother and made sure I passed my exams.”

Melody added: "I have overcome a lot but I ­honestly believe if I can do it, anyone can.”

You can read the full interview in today's Sunday Mirror.

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