Apprentice's 'Jedi' Jim Eastwood used his sales tactics to win his wife!

Jim Eastwood

In news we’re not too shocked to hear, Jim Eastwood has revealed how he and his wife first met after he used his 'Jedi' sales tactics on her to win a kiss! On tonight's Apprentice: The Final Five, Jim reveals he first cheekily asked a peck on the cheek when they were just 11 years old!

The pair met again 16 years later where they "fell in love" and went on to get married.

Jim explained on the show: "We got married a couple of years after that and behind every good man there's an even better woman."

His sister Cliodhna Craig said: "I don't know if they know but I call them the Posh and Becks of Cookstown. They are always well turned out and either of them would look well on a billboard."

Wife Paula added: "Every day he comes in from work and will just throw his arms around me, a hug, a wee kiss on the head and then he will dance around the kitchen."

Meanwhile Jim also revealed how he learned his 'mind altering' persuasion skills and sales tactics by growing up in a big house - with five siblings. Jim explains how his parents' divorce is what got him into business, wanting to get away from his tough life at home.

The Apprentice: The Final Five airs on tonight on BBC One at 9PM.

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