Tom Pellereau says dyslexia made him try out for The Apprentice 2011

Tom Pellereau

Apprentice 2011's inventor Tom Pellereau has revealed how it was his dyslexia that inspired him to become an entrepreneur, explaining how he was able to visualise things better than other people. Speaking on tonight's Apprentice: The Final Five special, Tom also insisted he was no pushover.

"Because of my dyslexia I was rubbish at some things like languages and English so I was always going to be scientific," the 31-year-old said.

The inventor - whose ideas have included the world's first curved nail file - added: "It made me think differently. I realised in some ways I could visualise better than other people."

Recalling Tom's talent for creating at a young age, mum Philippa said: "My father had a workshop and he and Tom were always disappearing into it making things."

Tom has ha d a narrow escape from being fired on the show so far, having been on the losing time in eight out of the ten tasks so far. Lord Sugar has criticised him for not speaking up when things are going wrong, but he insisted: "I may be a nice guy but I'm no pushover. I have really had to fight."

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