Melody Hossaini becomes latest victim of The Apprentice 2011 boardroom

Melody Hossaini

Melody Hossaini has become the latest victim of The Apprentice 2011 boardroom in tonight's tenth episode, just missing out on the show's final. Melody Hossaini was fired by Lord Sugar after he challenged the teams to make as much profit as possible by selling goods and reinvesting any money made.

The team started the day at Enfield wholesalers where Lord Sugar enthusiastically explained how his business career started in a similar location. “This is where I would start off my business,” he told the candidates.

Melody took charge of Team Logic, in charge of Helen and Tom, while Natasha led Jim and Susan Ma on Team Venture.

The boss gave both teams £250 worth of wholesale goods which they had to shift whilst “smelling what sells”. With two days to spend on the task, the candidates were told to build up their profit by reinvesting the money made from selling goods in more stock of the most popular items.

With the whole of London to sell to, Team Venture split up with Jim and Natasha going Covent Garden to flog their goods to tourists while Susan was sent door to door. Whilst the team sold well, Nick Hewer remarked how project manager Natasha had failed to understand the reinvestment aspect of the task, opting instead to focus on shifting the products.

Meanwhile on Team Logic Melody found it hard to decide what products to reinvest in, with Helen remarking that the Project Manager wasn’t really leading the group. Tom also hit out at Melody, blasting her decision not to reinvest in more nodding dogs after he told her they had sold well.

The next day and Helen tries to take over as leader, but a firm Melody told her: I’m project manager and I actually want to lead on this.

She added: “I want to take responsibility because that’s what I’ve put myself forward to do and that’s it.”

The next day and Helen found it hard to sell Melody’s new products, including mobile phone chargers and digital photo frames. Over on Team Venture and smarter investment choices from Natasha made it easy for Jim to sell more umbrellas and nodding dogs.


In the boardroom and Natasha’s decision to play safe cost her a £100 fine from Lord Sugar, who told her: “There’s no balls, there’s no guts”.

Despite the fine, Natasha’s team still managed to come out on top with £751 worth of assets at the end of the second day compared to Melody’s £728.

It was a hollow victory for Team Venture however, with the angry boss even going as far as to axe their planned treat – which would’ve seen the trio fly by helicopter to Goodwood to drive vintage cars.

The loss for Team Logic meant the first time in the boardroom for Helen, with her and Tom both turning on Project Manager Melody for the failure of the task after she reinvested in new ‘untested’ products rather than those which had sold well previously.

“You three have given a bit of a dilemma,” Lord Sugar told the trio in the boardroom. “Melody, I have difficulty understanding what you do and what we’re going to do if we ever have a business.

“It is with regret that, Melody, you’re fired.”

“Lord Sugar and I won’t be going into business right now but perhaps our paths will cross again and then I’ll be able to tell him what I really do which is more than just talking,” Melody said after her exit.

The Apprentice 2011 continues next Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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