The Apprentice 2011: Susan Ma and Natasha Scribbins clash over sales

Susan Ma

It's not just Helen and Melody that are at war in tonight's latest episode of The Apprentice, with Susan Ma and Natasha Scribbins also rowing throughout the whole task. Taking on the role of Project Manager this week, Natasha and Susan clash repeatedly over sales.

This week the teams are both given £250 worth of goods which they must sell and reinvest the profit in new stock. The candidates have to keep going with their buying and selling, with the profit and value of goods remaining after two days deciding the winner.

It doesn't take long into the first day for Susan to start to complain, whinging: “I’ve been working my butt off trying to sell products and Natasha is literally just hanging around doing nothing.

"I know for a fact that I’ve sold ten times more than she sold so I think that’s putting her down a little bit.”


Meanwhile Nick Hewer remarks from the sidelines that Natasha has appeared to miss the point of the task, telling the camera: “This is the reinvestment task, smell what sells, buy some more, sell that too and you build up your profit, your stake.

"Natasha has failed to understand what this task is about. I’m very distressed to see her making such a horlicks of it all.”

Jim also has worries, telling his team mates: “I would rather try and fail than get fined and ridiculed by Lord Sugar because he gave us one directive and we haven’t stuck to it”

The Apprentice 2011 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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