Helen tries to push Melody out as Project Manager in tonight's The Apprentice!

Helen Milligan

It's a dramatic night for The Apprentice tonight, with Helen Milligan staging the first Apprentice coup against Melody Hossaini, trying to take from her as project manager. Read on for a sneak preview of tonight's latest episode, where the candidates are challenged to invest their money wisely...

The team start the day at Enfield wholesalers where Lord Sugar explains that his business career started in a similar location. The contestants are then given their task - and it's good one!

This week the teams are both given £250 worth of goods which they must sell and reinvest the profit in new stock. The candidates have to keep going with their buying and selling, with the profit and value of goods remaining after two days deciding the winner.

Melody takes charge of Team Logic, but Helen is quickly critical of her leadership style.

“I feel like Melody isn’t really taking charge at all," she says, "She doesn’t seem to be organised or even seem to grasp the concept of what we’re meant to be doing. I wish I had put myself forward as project manager, I want to keep a clean sheet and I think I at least would have had a strategy and been organised and got on with things, whereas at the moment we’re just floundering.”


For the first time ever there is a possible coup in the camp as Helen wakes up the next morning and 'offers' to take over as project manager from Melody.

“I’m project manager and I actually want to lead on this," Melody blasts. "I want to take responsibility because that’s what I’ve put myself forward to do and that’s it.”

Meanwhile Karren seems unimpressed with both of tem, remarking on the task: “For some bizarre reason, I genuinely don’t understand, they’re fixated by the duvets. They want to do a four hour round trip to go to the wholesalers, buy the duvets, take them to Hackney for a very small margin and I just don’t understand the logic behind it.”

The Apprentice 2011 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One

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