Helen Milligan is a certain for Apprentice 2011 final, says former candidate Liz Locke

Helen Milligan

Former Apprentice candidate Liz Locke has tipped Helen Milligan for a place in this year's show's final, following a record breaking ninth win in a row. Speaking to News Of The World, was blown away as the Executive Assistant lead her team to an impressive 800,000-unit order for their new snack - just a week after she broke Liz's boardroom record with a £200,000 sale.

"Helen was a great project manager; firm and fair and was decisive. She went with her gut instinct, something Zoe failed to do," Liz explained. "Zoe failed to communicate with her team, and for that reason I agree with Lord Sugar firing her.

"My one to watch is no surprise - Helen. Nine wins in a row and her team secured a £1.6million order. I'm certain she will be in this year's final."

Liz, who was fired just before the interview stages on last year’s series, continued: "Melody is incapable of listening, once she has an idea she'll go for it. The so-called communications expert got it completely wrong with her naff role-plays. This and her inability to listen to anyone means she's treading on thin icing."

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The Apprentice 2011 continues this Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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