Zoe Beresford says: "I love Glenn so much!" as he confesses: "We are crazy about each other"

Glenn Ward

Apprentice rejects Zoe Beresford and Glenn Ward have finally come clean about their relationship, with Zoe admitting today: "I love himso much!" as Glenn confesses: "We are crazy about each other". In an interview with News of The World, the pair confirmed they are an item - and there's already talk of kids!

The pair hit it of f on the BBC One show but had to keep quiert about the relationship until this week, when Zoe was finally fired from the series by Lord Sugar.

Revealing all about dating fellow fired Apprentice Glenn, who left the show in Week 7, Zoe said: "I love him so much - he's amazing," while Glenn added: "We are crazy about each other and definitely see a bright future together."

Despite rumours the couple were secretly involved in the show, Glenn insisted they were focused on the competition at all times, saying: "Everyone thought we fancied each other. But we weren't even thinking about it - we were just focused on the show.

"But I guess there was chemistry there - even if we didn't notice it at first. We looked after each other on tasks if we saw the other struggle, and comforted each other in the house if we were down."

Glenn told the newspaper how they first started seeing one another after the series had finished filming last year, explaining: "We had a few glasses of Champagne and I said, 'I really like you.' She laughed and said, 'You're drunk'."

Zoe commented: "It was really romantic and it all felt so natural and relaxed. [We went on a trip to the Alps]. Glenn had never skied before and on one of the many times he fell over I took his ski back to him as he lay on the floor and just told him I loved him."

Glenn replied: "I immediately said it back. It was an amazing feeling. Now we say it all the time. We get on so well, yet without The Apprentice our paths would never have crossed.

"I went on the show hoping to go into business with Lord Sugar - and left having met an amazing woman."

And there's already talk of Apprentice babies on the way.

"We have talked about moving in together, and we also both want kids - so who knows whether that might happen," Zoe said.

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