Zoe Beresford latest candidate to be fired from The Apprentice 2011

Zoe Beresford

Zoe Beresford became the latest victim of the boardroom in tonight's latest Apprentice 2011 episode after being tasked by Lord Sugar to create a new brand of biscuit. The two day task saw the teams challenged with pitching their ideas for the £1.99 snack to supermarket leaders.

Lord Sugar explained that each team will have to produce “the packaging, the presentation, the whole lot, and then you’re going to pitch it to three supermarkets which I’ve laid on… yours are gonna have to be something different, something distinct.”

Mixing the teams up, Lord Sugar appointed Helen, Natasha and Jim to Venture, with Zoe, Melody, Tom and Susan on Logic.

Helen, with her background in food retail became PM for Venture, whilst after a clash between Susan and Zoe over who has the best relevant experience to lead Logic, Zoe was elected PM by the rest of the team.


Helen's team went for the children's market with an after school snack called 'Special Stars', a star shaped chocolate covered flapjack. However Natasha and Helen clashed on the strapline, with Natasha objecting to the phrase 'Any time is snack time' for the after school treat.

Meanwhile Zoe’s team had problems deciding on a product, with four alternatives – including Melody’s ‘Biscuit popcorn’ - being presented to a focus group. Eventually project manager Zoe decided on inventor Tom’s complicated idea for one biscuit within another, with one half coated in chocolate. The group came up with the name ‘Bix Mix’ for their brand name, with a tag line of ‘to snap and share’

In the pitches and Zoe’s team came up with what can only be described as the most cheesy and cringe worthy moment of Apprentice history as they used ‘role-play’(or a “bizarre little playlet” as Nick Hewer described it) to introduce their concept.

Helen’s pitches didn’t go much better, with retailers picking up the contradiction in their strap line and product that Natasha had mentioned previously.

In the boardroom and the results were shockingly clear, with Zoe’s Bix Mix failing to secure a single order while Asda requested 800,000 units of Special Stars from Helen’s team.

Going over the failure of the task and Zoe and Melody clashed in the boardroom, with Lord Sugar saying the pair were getting personal as opposed to focusing on the business side of the show. Bringing back Tom and Melody back to the boardroom with her, Zoe told Lord Sugar the product that Tom created was to blame for her flop in the task.

Lord Sugar told Tom: “I don’t see you asserting your authority. You’re always talking about what you could’ve done.”

He told Melody: “There always seems to be arguments with you and your colleagues but you always say you’re not to blame.”

Finally, on Zoe, Lord Sugar commented: “You are a good contender, but as team leader you should have been in the factory. I’m looking for someone to come into business with, and if someone can’t actually perform in the business they are in, I’m not going to go into business with them, you’re fired.”

Lord Sugar warned: “Someone who is supposedly an expert in the business has failed.”

Speaking after her exit, Zoe said: “The product wasn’t good enough, if I could go back and change it I would be in the factory but I was swayed by them.”

The Apprentice 20011 continues next Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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