Apprentice 2011 candidates tasked by Lord Sugar to create biscuits!

The Apprentice 2011

Tonight’s episode of The Apprentice 2011 sees the remaining candidates tasked with creating a new brand of biscuit, but who will come out on top and which team's plans will turn to crumbs? Read on for a few teasers from the latets instalment...

Lord Sugar explains that each team will have to produce “the packaging, the presentation, the whole lot, and then you’re going to pitch it to three supermarkets which I’ve laid on… yours are gonna have to be something different, something distinct.”

Mixing the teams up, Lord Sugar appoints Helen, Natasha and Jim to Venture, with Zoe, Melody, Tom and Susan on Logic.

Helen, with her background in food retail becomes PM for Venture, whilst after a clash between Susan and Zoe over who has the best relevant experience to lead Logic, Zoe is elected PM by the rest of the team.


As Logic sub-team Susan and Zoe prepare for a day working on packaging and branding their biscuits, Susan lets slip that she has concerns about the day ahead: “When it comes to making biscuits, I think we’ll roughly be on the same level. But on a personal level, she’s (Zoe) one of the bitchiest and most backstabbing people I’ve ever met.”

Later on, whilst discussing the concept for their biscuit Zoe reveals: “Melody is a nightmare to work with. She’s come up with this one idea and she is pushing it and pushing it and pushing it… I don’t like the idea… She will have talked them (the focus group) to death about the idea until they all held up a white flag and said yes.”

Will the girls manage to keep each other sweet for the good of the task?

After running out of time to decide on a strapline for their Special Stars after-school treats and settling for ‘Any time is treat time’, Karren voices her concern that the team are jeopardizing the strength of their brand by being inconsistent in their messaging: “The slogan, ‘Any time is treat time’ is slightly contradicted by ‘after-school treat.’ And actually, ‘any time is treat time’ actually says ‘eat what you like when you like’ and they’re going to find that very difficult to explain to the supermarkets.”

Natasha tries to explain the distinction, saying to the branding expert helping them, saying: “Our Special Stars take away the restriction of time… if that makes sense?” To which the unconvinced pro replies with a laugh: “Kind of!”

At their first pitch to supermarket Sainsbury’s, Melody and Tom fail to impress the buyers and leave them confused with their strange role playing. Pretending to be a couple ‘Snap n’ Sharing’ their product Bix Mix in front of the TV, Tom says: “Because I love you, I’ll let you have the chocolate half first.”

Nick is as bemused as the buyers: “Tom and Melody started the pitch with a little sort of play-let and the bemused look on the buyers’ faces was something to witness. They looked puzzled, and with good reason I think. Very, very odd way to carry on really.”

Who will make a packet and who will be left with crumbs?

Tune in to find out who will be next to hear Lord Sugar’s dreaded words ‘You’re Fired!’

The Apprentice 2011 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One

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