Apprentice 2011's Jim Eastwood 'very funny... and a pisshead' say his friends!

Jim Eastwood

A friend current Apprentice 2011 favourite Jim Eastwood has described the Irish business hoepful as a "pisshead". Speaking to heat magazine this week, the pal also suggested that Jim's good sense of humour was failing to come across on the BBC One series.

Jim 'Jedi' Eastwood quickly became this year's token 'character' on the show, thanks to some great negotiation skills, controversial decisions and the ability to talk himself out of being brought back into the boardroom.

But despite the dislike being aimed at the 31-year-old, his friend insisted: "He's so funny, hilarious and silly - but I think that humour doesn't come across on the show."

Tonight will see Jim and the remaining Apprentice candidates tasked with creating a new brand of biscuit, but despite Jim coming with some of the most sensible suggestions, his pal suggested he also loves to get out of the office for fn.

"He was a massive pisshead when we were in Australia [back in 2003]," the friend tells the magazine. "We'd all planned to do cultural things when we were out there, but it'd always end up with us getting drunk and organising things like going to vineyards."

The friend added: "He was always a very confident guy and full of banter - we were all in stitches every day."

The Apprentice 2011 continues today at 9PM on BBC One.

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