Liz Locke praises 'class act' Helen Milligan and blasts 'selfish' Melody Hossaini

Melody Hossaini

Former Apprentice candidate Liz Locke has praised 'class act' Helen Milligan while blasting 'selfish' Melody Hossaini for last week's latest Apprentice 2011 task. Speaking to News Of The World yesterday, Liz said Helen "outshone the rest" in the Paris task.

Lord Sugar had challenged the teams to export unique goods by British designers, with Helen securing a sale worth of £200,000 from a top French retailer to set a new boardroom record.

"Helen was a class act this week. She nailed the pitch and absolutely smashed my record - so it's a good job I like her!" Liz joked. "She's always been one of my favourites. But she completely outshone the rest this week - making them look like a bunch of coq au vins."

Liz, who was fired just before the interview stages on last year's series, continued: "Modest Melody annoyed her team...and me. She lied in the market research, didn't do as Tom asked and worst of all selfishly kept all the appointments she made. I think she got a lucky escape. Lord Sugar called her a tiger, I'd consider her more of a sly fox."

However the ex-Apprentice star still held project manager Tom to account for letting himself be swayed too easily. She said: "I had high hopes for Tom, he's shown great business instinct throughout. However he was too easily swayed by his teammates and went for the naff teapot light rather than the backpack seat. If he'd shown an ounce of the balls Melody did, he would have done great."

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